Whether you are a union member or a pro-union person, take pride in supporting union members by supporting union businesses. When you support a union business you can have confidence that the employees of that company took part in negotiating wages, benefits and working conditions. When employees participate in negotiating wages, benefits and working conditions our communities thrive.

When workers are supported at work through wages, benefits and good working conditions they have a chance to buy a house, support a family, go to the doctor, send children to college and have some kind of retirement – not to mention go on an occasional family vacation. A good job with livable wages, benefits and good working conditions allows the members of our communities to live with dignity and respect.

Be Union Buy Union encourages everyone everywhere to support support union shops!

Be Union! Buy Union!


Be Union Buy Union is a resource and directory to find and get information about union products, shops and services in our communities. Have confidence in supporting the listed businesses because these businesses employee union members.

Be Union Buy Union is committed to market and promote businesses that employee union members. The businesses that are associated with Be Union Buy Union are committed to social justice and equality in all aspects. Be Union Buy Union businesses are PRO UNION and the employees are represented by a local union.

Take pride in supporting businesses that provide good jobs - Our Future Depends On It!

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